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Some of my Favorite pictures from the past few months!

Donovan snuggling with Daddy on a Sunday morning!

And showing us all he's got Mama's sense of humor!

I had intended to post a few more photos...but it simply is not to be. My camera is low on battery juice and I am out of spares. Cannot download them tonight! I know...I'm sad too. Just enjoy these cute pics for now!

It's been a quiet weekend for us. We just went to the pool here on base. That was fun. Donovan thinks he's a fish. It's so scary that he wants to wiggle out of our arms! And he's strong enough that he has succeeded a couple times. He'll jump right off the side of the pool into our arms. We're trying to make sure he understands the effects of what happens if we're not there to catch him so we do say "You're gonna go under this time...hold your breath." He comes up grinning ear to ear and spluttering out a happy squeal of "AGAIN! AGAIN!" Yeah...I'm so nervous about what the future holds for me. I can already see the hours spent in Emergency rooms stretching ahead of me into eternity! LOL!

Hummer has had a great weekend spent with a Gunnery Sergeant's family. I'm so happy he got to do that...because I got a break from Puppy Patrol. I could focus on my boy and my hubby and not worry about anything else!

Well...once I get some batteries for this Samsung battery sucker of a camera, I will post some pictures from Donovan's birthday party. A Sergeant from Weapons Battalion Maintenance made the cake for us and he did a WONDERFUL job! He did a GREAT clown fish cake! Donovan is enamored of Nemo most toddlers are! We had a great party for was just a blast.

Tomorrow starts another work week...I'll have to show ya'all what I look like in my spiffy uniforms! Have a blessed and productive week!


About Damn Time's been FOREVER since I posted last. I'm sorry. Not many people ever read the doggone thing, so I figured "why bother?". Evidently, more people read than I thought. HERE is the the news. Donovan TWO years old now and he is just a kick in the pants. He calls me "honey" and "Pretty Mama" (capitolized because ahem...that IS a TITLE I have had to earn you know). LOL! I'm so blessed. I went up to Nebraska with Donovan in March to visit my older son Aidan. He's so handsome! We had such a blast up there. The boys got along really well and Aidan took the "You're a big brother" news remarkably well. I'm just proud of these boys of mine. I can hardly wait to see them grow up to see what wonderful young men, and husbands and daddies they'll be!

I am the proud foster Mama (read Mascot Handler) to Hummer...the new Mascot for Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC. I'm the one who gets to ferry him around...and pick up his poo and bathe him, feed him and clean up any messes he makes besides poo as well. I also get to be the main recipient of any puppy kisses and drool he wants to wipe on someone! That is Hummer in the pic! Isn't he adorable?