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Playing Catch Up

MARK IS HOME! I'm a happy camper to say the least. He's been home about a week and a half now. I'm still having to get used to his junk all over the place...I took leave to "decompress" but so far I've spent more time ON the base, AT work while on leave than actually here at home. I'm crazy. I started leave last Friday. I went to work on Monday. I had duty on Tuesday and came off leave to do that...then started leave again yesterday afternoon. I have a Doctor's appointment on base tomorrow 7:30, so I'll probably just go in with Mark instead of waiting till noon. UGH. This has been the most unrelaxing leave I've ever taken! THIS SUCKS!

Donovan has been learning animal sounds for some time now...his new favorite is "cockadoodledoo" which I often hear him "cockdoodoodoo'ing" himself to sleep at night. You can ask him "what does a chicken say?" and you'll get a VERY enthusiastic "cockdoodoodoooooo!" in reply or "what does a sheep say?" and you'll get a cute little "baaaa" complete with a slight warble in his voice as he tries to sound as close to what he thinks a sheep sounds like! He just cracks me up all the time. And, on another note...I believe that whoever marries this little boy of mine might be a very lucky 17 months...I do believe he might be destined to be the youngest gourmet chef ever. He's not exactly cooking yet, but he does have to be up there, on his chair, right next to me, taking in whatever I'm doing with his big, beautiful eyes. He can crack an egg quite effectively already. I'll be letting him get his hands in there before long I think. He likes to be a part of the action...And I really think that it will be good for him to know how to cook at a young age. At least he won't starve or have to eat out all his life if he doesn't marry. LOL! I would just LOVE it if my boy loved to cook as much as I do someday!


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