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I'm so cruel...

First...I slammed the kitten's paw in the door. I'm a jerk. I said I was sorry, but he wasn't exactly interested in hearing it right then. I think he's forgiven me now though. He's lying on my lap as I type this purring up a storm.

Second...I starved the baby squirrel all day today. BUT...his hungry tummy got him to eat his kitten formula which he NEEDS to grow into a proper grown up squirrel. So...after slamming the kitten's tooties in the closet door and getting Donovan bathed and down for bed (after NOT starving him mind you...he had a proper supper.) I mixed up some of that kitten formula and put it in a shallow bowl and that little critter was ALL OVER IT! He ate like it was the best stuff on earth! I'm happy...he's got a full belly now.

I think that strep is coming back. My immune system must be zero to none right now or something because I've had strep, a stomach thing, a cold, another nastier stomach thing and now this cold and possibly the strep coming back all within like a month and a half. Add to that the whole "shortness of breath upon exertion, heart palpitations, heart murmur, dizziness" crap I've been going through lately...and I'm one exhausted little chica. By exertion I don't mean the whole running a PFT exertion. I mean I have to catch my breath when I walk up the stairs to my office at work. I feel like I must know what a 300 lb person must feel like climbing stairs! It's probably worse for them...but it's certainly no picnic for me lately either! I weigh a WHOPPING 125 lbs here! I'm 5'8" and they can't figure out what exactly is causing this. It "could" be asthma, but the preliminary tests have come back negative. My heart looks healthy, aside form the why the palpitations? Why the gastrointestinal problems I have been having? Is my "age" just catching up to me? Are my genes finally starting to work AGAINST me? Is it all in my head? Perhaps...but I am pretty together (at least I'd like to think that I am.)

Any thoughts?


  • At 7:31 PM, Blogger hilary said…

    did they check for lyme disease? seems like everything you described could be attributed to that. it takes a simple round of some sort of antibiotics to get rid of it, i think.

    oh yeah, and my blog's back up. :P


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