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I am going to Savannah tomorrow to pick up my husband tomorrow at the airport! FINALLY!!! I'm so excited! I miss him sooo sooo much! He is really a big help with the Monster...who can be etraordinarily demanding of me. Cause I'm the mama and he can be I guess. Mark wants nookie as soon as he can get it when we get home and Donovan wants DINNER as soon as he can get it when we get home. I'm going to be pulled in more than one direction now...but I can at least tell Mark..."handle this and you'll get nookie faster". LOL! Problem is...I'm sick and I'm really NOT in the mood for nookie. You know men "can we have a quickie before we pick up the boy?". Sigh...Oh well. I DON'T CARE!!! MY HUSBAND IS COMING HOME TOMORROW!!!

I asked the Doc to do a blood test for Lyme Disease today. She was a little perturbed to say the least. She felt like I was trying to tell HER how to do HER job. OMG...I made a suggestion. Hang me. I fudged a little and said "A family friend is an MD and suggested I ask you about it. I'm sure he wasn't trying to diagnose me or anything" (Actually, Hilary suggested that my symptoms could trace back to Lyme Disease). The doctor thinks I just have anxiety. NO KIDDING! I'm also depressed...but you have not diagnosed THAT yet have you? Anyway...anxiety is a symptom (one of several) of Lyme Disease. So is Aphasia...a term where you forget the words for stuff. Of course, THAT is a symptom of Anxiety too. I suppose though...all the crap I'm sick with right now could also be symptoms for cancer, AIDS, cat scratch fever, chicken pox and syphilis. I'm pretty sure I have NONE of those. It just irked me when she looked at me and said "Seriously...have you EVER been bitten by a tick in your LIFE?" Ya shoulda seen the look on her face when I said "Yes...3 or 4 times". I mean, c'mon! I didn't expect her to know I was raised in the Sierra Nevada Mountains where the deer tick reigns supreme...but did she forget that I'm a Marine...stationed at Parris Island? She said she's only ever seen ONE case of Lyme Disease and that was in a Recruit. I guess he was way far gone. Ahem...I'm not a medical professional here...but different people react to diseases in different ways. And Lyme Disease doesn't always present immediately after the bite. But what do I know? I'm just an enlisted person.


  • At 11:48 AM, Blogger hilary said…

    woohoo! i'm an MD! :D

    let me tell you a story about something that happened last week. there is this sweet grandma who has a defibrulator implanted in her heart. well, she was visiting her family and started having heart problems, causing her to go in and out of the hospital multiple times in the course of two weeks. one time she almost died!
    well, the head of the cardiology department took over her case. it was a bit difficult because a lot of her medical records were not accessible due to a catastrophe at her previous hospital, but he decided what was best for her was new drugs and rest.
    yet, she kept having problems.
    her son, who watched her almost die at one point, did some research and suggested that perhaps someone who was familiar with the programming of her medical implant should be consulted.
    "NO! she doesn't need that, and who's in charge of this case anyway?!" retorted the esteemed head of cardiology in attempt to assert his status as Head Honcho and make the son feel like a little nobody.
    the son was not to be pushed around, however. he contacted the programmer himself and requested the device be checked.
    sure enough, on one little line of code, there was a 0 where there shoud have been a 1.
    problem solved.

    and there lies my screed regarding self-important doctors who don't listen to their patients.

    i'm so glad to hear hubby is on his way home. :)

    hugs & love


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