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Feelin' a little Squirrely...

Sooo...Cedar is getting mighty independent. I think I might have to either take him to the actual bona fide wildlife rehabilitator or put him up a tree soon. He (she?) refuses to partake of the kitten formula I spent nearly $20 on to "save it's life"...and it's taken a liking to wandering. Yesterday I found it in the upstairs hall bathroom! That could have been REALLY bad for the little thing if it hadn't been smart and hidden within the folds of the shower curtain! There are two cats living in this house right now. One great big one (watching her for a neighbor who's on vacation) and one little bitty obnoxious one. The little thing (Cedar) really likes to come up on the bed while I am reading a book and practice squirrely stuff on my arms. You ever see a squirrel go around the trunk of a tree? Yeah...that's what Cedar does on my arm. She (he?) also likes to perch on top of whatever book I'm reading and look at me like "what are doing just staring at this thing?". Funny little critter to watch...but so tiny I'm afraid to move for fear of crushing it. Though I'm pretty certain it'd move before I came crashing down upon it.


  • At 6:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My family rescued a squirrel baby when I was 9. We called him Charlie. How are you feeding the formula. We used a tiny baby doll bottle. lol


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