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To your right you will see a precious little baby squirrel who fell out of her tree sometime last night during a crazy rainstorm we had over at the depot. Someone found her and taking her for "almost dead" they threw her, by the tail, into the street. When she didn't die from that, another person picked her up and threw her in the trash can because "she's gonna die anyway". (I got all this information from someone who was there.) Well, she did not die last night. But she did spend a miserable night in a trash can, during a rainstorm...cold, wet, hungry and lonely. Well...this morning I found her and fished her out of the trash (and I yell at Donovan for taking stuff out of the trash can here at home...I guess he comes by it honestly huh?). I called all the appropriate people. Taking this little girl home with me is perfectly legal here in SC. I plan on getting her healthy and a little older and returning her to the wild (I looked for her mama today...I think Mama might be a little squirrel angel now). If she does not want to be a wild squirrel...she might retain the name "Cedar" and become a part our household.


  • At 5:44 AM, Blogger hilary said…

    i can't believe how horrible some people can be. :(
    good on you for rescuing the adorable little ball of fluff, Jenna!


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