The life of a Christian woman...who is a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, and a United States Marine.


Playing Catch Up

MARK IS HOME! I'm a happy camper to say the least. He's been home about a week and a half now. I'm still having to get used to his junk all over the place...I took leave to "decompress" but so far I've spent more time ON the base, AT work while on leave than actually here at home. I'm crazy. I started leave last Friday. I went to work on Monday. I had duty on Tuesday and came off leave to do that...then started leave again yesterday afternoon. I have a Doctor's appointment on base tomorrow 7:30, so I'll probably just go in with Mark instead of waiting till noon. UGH. This has been the most unrelaxing leave I've ever taken! THIS SUCKS!

Donovan has been learning animal sounds for some time now...his new favorite is "cockadoodledoo" which I often hear him "cockdoodoodoo'ing" himself to sleep at night. You can ask him "what does a chicken say?" and you'll get a VERY enthusiastic "cockdoodoodoooooo!" in reply or "what does a sheep say?" and you'll get a cute little "baaaa" complete with a slight warble in his voice as he tries to sound as close to what he thinks a sheep sounds like! He just cracks me up all the time. And, on another note...I believe that whoever marries this little boy of mine might be a very lucky 17 months...I do believe he might be destined to be the youngest gourmet chef ever. He's not exactly cooking yet, but he does have to be up there, on his chair, right next to me, taking in whatever I'm doing with his big, beautiful eyes. He can crack an egg quite effectively already. I'll be letting him get his hands in there before long I think. He likes to be a part of the action...And I really think that it will be good for him to know how to cook at a young age. At least he won't starve or have to eat out all his life if he doesn't marry. LOL! I would just LOVE it if my boy loved to cook as much as I do someday!



I am going to Savannah tomorrow to pick up my husband tomorrow at the airport! FINALLY!!! I'm so excited! I miss him sooo sooo much! He is really a big help with the Monster...who can be etraordinarily demanding of me. Cause I'm the mama and he can be I guess. Mark wants nookie as soon as he can get it when we get home and Donovan wants DINNER as soon as he can get it when we get home. I'm going to be pulled in more than one direction now...but I can at least tell Mark..."handle this and you'll get nookie faster". LOL! Problem is...I'm sick and I'm really NOT in the mood for nookie. You know men "can we have a quickie before we pick up the boy?". Sigh...Oh well. I DON'T CARE!!! MY HUSBAND IS COMING HOME TOMORROW!!!

I asked the Doc to do a blood test for Lyme Disease today. She was a little perturbed to say the least. She felt like I was trying to tell HER how to do HER job. OMG...I made a suggestion. Hang me. I fudged a little and said "A family friend is an MD and suggested I ask you about it. I'm sure he wasn't trying to diagnose me or anything" (Actually, Hilary suggested that my symptoms could trace back to Lyme Disease). The doctor thinks I just have anxiety. NO KIDDING! I'm also depressed...but you have not diagnosed THAT yet have you? Anyway...anxiety is a symptom (one of several) of Lyme Disease. So is Aphasia...a term where you forget the words for stuff. Of course, THAT is a symptom of Anxiety too. I suppose though...all the crap I'm sick with right now could also be symptoms for cancer, AIDS, cat scratch fever, chicken pox and syphilis. I'm pretty sure I have NONE of those. It just irked me when she looked at me and said "Seriously...have you EVER been bitten by a tick in your LIFE?" Ya shoulda seen the look on her face when I said "Yes...3 or 4 times". I mean, c'mon! I didn't expect her to know I was raised in the Sierra Nevada Mountains where the deer tick reigns supreme...but did she forget that I'm a Marine...stationed at Parris Island? She said she's only ever seen ONE case of Lyme Disease and that was in a Recruit. I guess he was way far gone. Ahem...I'm not a medical professional here...but different people react to diseases in different ways. And Lyme Disease doesn't always present immediately after the bite. But what do I know? I'm just an enlisted person.


I have a confession...

Someone please help me! I am addicted to "My Super Sweet 16" on MTV. If I am ever flipping throught the channels...and it's on, I have to stop there...mesmerized by the INSANE amount of money being spent on these girl's birthday parties and by how obnoxious they are as well. I'm revolted by thier carelessness (in regard to how much things cost and other's feelings), their rudeness to people, how demanding they's just amazing to me. These little girls are supposed to be the "creme de la creme" and they are just trash.

They spend more on their BIRTHDAYS than most people spend on a WEDDING! I'm just praying that someday I will have money to have an extravagant church wedding! We'll renew our vows or whatever...since we've BEEN married almost three years now.

Anyway...I need to go take a shower now...since it's PAST noon and I got sucked into that stupid tv show....


I'm so cruel...

First...I slammed the kitten's paw in the door. I'm a jerk. I said I was sorry, but he wasn't exactly interested in hearing it right then. I think he's forgiven me now though. He's lying on my lap as I type this purring up a storm.

Second...I starved the baby squirrel all day today. BUT...his hungry tummy got him to eat his kitten formula which he NEEDS to grow into a proper grown up squirrel. So...after slamming the kitten's tooties in the closet door and getting Donovan bathed and down for bed (after NOT starving him mind you...he had a proper supper.) I mixed up some of that kitten formula and put it in a shallow bowl and that little critter was ALL OVER IT! He ate like it was the best stuff on earth! I'm happy...he's got a full belly now.

I think that strep is coming back. My immune system must be zero to none right now or something because I've had strep, a stomach thing, a cold, another nastier stomach thing and now this cold and possibly the strep coming back all within like a month and a half. Add to that the whole "shortness of breath upon exertion, heart palpitations, heart murmur, dizziness" crap I've been going through lately...and I'm one exhausted little chica. By exertion I don't mean the whole running a PFT exertion. I mean I have to catch my breath when I walk up the stairs to my office at work. I feel like I must know what a 300 lb person must feel like climbing stairs! It's probably worse for them...but it's certainly no picnic for me lately either! I weigh a WHOPPING 125 lbs here! I'm 5'8" and they can't figure out what exactly is causing this. It "could" be asthma, but the preliminary tests have come back negative. My heart looks healthy, aside form the why the palpitations? Why the gastrointestinal problems I have been having? Is my "age" just catching up to me? Are my genes finally starting to work AGAINST me? Is it all in my head? Perhaps...but I am pretty together (at least I'd like to think that I am.)

Any thoughts?


Feelin' a little Squirrely...

Sooo...Cedar is getting mighty independent. I think I might have to either take him to the actual bona fide wildlife rehabilitator or put him up a tree soon. He (she?) refuses to partake of the kitten formula I spent nearly $20 on to "save it's life"...and it's taken a liking to wandering. Yesterday I found it in the upstairs hall bathroom! That could have been REALLY bad for the little thing if it hadn't been smart and hidden within the folds of the shower curtain! There are two cats living in this house right now. One great big one (watching her for a neighbor who's on vacation) and one little bitty obnoxious one. The little thing (Cedar) really likes to come up on the bed while I am reading a book and practice squirrely stuff on my arms. You ever see a squirrel go around the trunk of a tree? Yeah...that's what Cedar does on my arm. She (he?) also likes to perch on top of whatever book I'm reading and look at me like "what are doing just staring at this thing?". Funny little critter to watch...but so tiny I'm afraid to move for fear of crushing it. Though I'm pretty certain it'd move before I came crashing down upon it.



To your right you will see a precious little baby squirrel who fell out of her tree sometime last night during a crazy rainstorm we had over at the depot. Someone found her and taking her for "almost dead" they threw her, by the tail, into the street. When she didn't die from that, another person picked her up and threw her in the trash can because "she's gonna die anyway". (I got all this information from someone who was there.) Well, she did not die last night. But she did spend a miserable night in a trash can, during a rainstorm...cold, wet, hungry and lonely. Well...this morning I found her and fished her out of the trash (and I yell at Donovan for taking stuff out of the trash can here at home...I guess he comes by it honestly huh?). I called all the appropriate people. Taking this little girl home with me is perfectly legal here in SC. I plan on getting her healthy and a little older and returning her to the wild (I looked for her mama today...I think Mama might be a little squirrel angel now). If she does not want to be a wild squirrel...she might retain the name "Cedar" and become a part our household.


So now you know...

What I look like and that my house is just as cluttered as yours is. My house used to be clean as a whistle. That's what happens when a) you don't have a job outside the house and b) you don't have an imaginative toddler streaking through your house like a tiny tornado getting into EVERYTHING. Tonight he had these two plastic storage bowls I picked up at Walmart...he was putting them on his head and walking around looking through the clear plastic having a blast listening to how funny he sounded to himself inside that bowl...he had it on his foot...trying to walk...he put it on my head...he put the kitten IN the bowl...whatever you could think of to do with a large bowl, he did. It was the funniest thing I've seen in some time! My mom got a huge kick out of listening to him talk to himself over the phone (I had called her to let her know I found the penguin fleece I needed to make her a blanket like the one I made for Dannan's baby girl!).

For whoever left me the comment down below..."hug, love"....thank you. I needed that! LOL!