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So...there I was standing outside in the sunshine wearing a pair of black work out capri's and a cute little red t-shirt that has what looks like a Mike and Ike's label on it. Remember the red for later...

I'm watering my plants and just soaking up the sun...when I notice like 4 wasps on the small tree in front of my house. They each look different. One is actually a beautiful blue. I've never seen a blue wasp before. They are minding thier own business...chewing leaves on this tree. I make a note to find out what kind of wasp the blue one is...later when I get on the 'net. I hear a tiny chirping noise and hear the buzz of fast moving wings. I look up to the hummingbird feeder I placed near my front door a couple weeks ago. I love this thing. I love to watch the tiny birds move fast as lightning over my head. Watching them, I notice they are starting to circle closer and closer to me...there are 4 or 5 of them flying between my feeder and the feeder my neighbor has a couple houses down from me. A couple of them fly quite close to me...almost doing "fly bys" as if trying to figure out just what I am. One comes and lands on a tiny branch of the tree for a few seconds...inspecting me. It was so close, I could have reached out and touched it! Then I realized...I have a red shirt on! A BRIGHT red the wasps haven't noticed yet? Time to go inside before they do! LOL!

Anyway...I was I was outside enjoying an absolutely gorgeous day...when...several hours away, in the place I called home for almost two years...people are preparing for what is promising to be the storm of storms. I just can't quit thanking God for putting me somewhere safe long before I ever had to worry about this...and for putting my husband and our friends somewhere safe too. All I can do now I pray for the people who are left there in the city...because every time I's worse! God Bless them!

Hurricane Katrina

I'm so thankful that I don't live in New Orleans anymore! Praise God that Donovan and I are here...and not there. I feel so blessed that Mark is out of harm's way as well. He's off doing concerts in Illinois. They are going to Memphis from there to wait out the storm and then they will go back to New Orleans to dig out whoever didn't make it out of New Orleans...or whoever chose to stay. I'm afraid that after last year's hurricane scare...people in that city are looking at the Weather and News people like they cried "Wolf!" last year...and so won't take them seriously this year as a result. This hurricane is HUGE. You can't get any bigger than a Category 5...Common sense tells ME that, if I was living in a city, shaped like a bowl, surrounded by water, and a huge storm was gonna come dump lots of water on that city in the form of rain, PLUS possibly break the levees around the city (which, btw were only built to withstand a Cat 2 storm at most), and most likely bust up some of the buildings in the GET OUT NOW if not SOONER! Anyway...pray for these people in New Orleans that they will get out of the city as soon as possible...and if they can't get out that they will be able to weather the storm in a safe location.


Can I get an "OooRah"? yeah. I'm not really feelin it today. I have felt like crying most of the day. It's August. Remember how I told ya'all my husband would be here by JULY? He's still not here. I'm sick of this crap. I hate to do this to you but I need to rant and's my blog, I can write what I want to here.

Mark has walking pneumonia. He's on meds for that and is really drowsy. He sounds awful on the phone.

I had heart palpitations a couple weeks ago. Freaked me out. I went to medical...they gave me an EKG...and listened to my heart. Did some breathing tests...took xrays of my chest...and I hear "You have a heart murmur and possibly asthma but we aren't going to call it asthma and jump the gun...we'll call it bronchitis". what? "Here's a light duty chit for two weeks and come back and see me in two weeks...oh yeah, here's some albuturol". No one told me that albuterol makes you feel like some kind of freak. I'm a weird already...they didn't have to go and make it worse! It makes me have bad headaches and my heart races (um...did they forget that that was part of the reason I came in IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?)...I can't think straight...can hardly articulate a sentence and it makes me jittery, jumpy and anxious. Oh FUN! I had a followup appointment yesterday with the doctor, but the power was out on I have to come back another time. Now, however, I'm on 30 days light duty because my condition is not improving. I need a nap.

This morning...I walked into Donovan's room to get him dressed for daycare. HE WAS NOT IN HIS BED! Heart skipped a beat...OMG! WHERE IS HE? I call him "Donovan?!? Baby?!?" I hear a little giggle and see his pudgy baby hand waving at me...FROM UNDER THE BED! Then I see two eyes full of mischief blinking at me from under the bed...He crawls out and stands up and gives me a big hug...and we begin our least THAT made me smile today.

God bless!