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Mark is supposed to get here in July. I feel really selfish cause I've been here since late April without my husband and there are plenty of women around here who haven't seen their husbands in A LONG TIME. I'm a selfish bitch...oh well.

Donovan will be a year old on the 19th. WOW! I cannot believe that he has already been in my life almost a year! He's so fun. He can catch a balloon if you toss it to him gently. I'm so proud. He's only 11 months!

Donovan and I went to "A Taste of Beaufort" yesterday. It was pretty fun. I only disliked one thing about it. That thing is this; you have to buy tickets to purchase food from the booths. Local restaurants set up tents and booths with yummy foods and you paid for the food in tickets. They were mostly small versions of what the full meal or appetizer would be. (I had a delicious chicken salad made with craisens! YUM! Paid three tickets for it. Each ticket was a dollar). ANYWAY...I needed something to drink. All they had there was water and Coke products (non alcohol anyway). I had to pay TWO TICKETS for a 12 oz can of Coke. Highway robbery I tell ya!

Sooo...we meandered along the waterfront for awhile. They had some children's activities down there...Donovan was too young to participate in those still though. A little further down was a GREAT table where you could look at and touch some of the local flora and fauna. It was so cool! We got to see some tiny baby toads, and some enormous tree frogs as well as a baby aligator and an Eastern King Snake. We also looked at some less friendly cousins of Mr. King Snake, like a copperhead and water moccasins (all safely behind glass thankfully!). There was a stuffed river otter and some pelts from beavers and other furry well as deer antlers. OH! Lots of sea turtles...dead and one live one. Also a tiny little turtle of some sort (not a sea turtle though) and some salamanders and dragonfly nymphs and other buggy things. Oh...I can hardly wait until Donovan is old enough to really appreciate all this kind of cool stuff! All he wanted was to get INTO the water with the baby aligator. He loves his bath time...with or without reptile pals!

Back to Donovan turning a year old...I am throwing a party for him. It doesn't look like Daddy will be able to be there, but that is still ok. I am doing a "baby dinosaur" theme for him. I called Publix (grocery store) and ordered two Dinosaur cakes. They are SO cute. I think they just take a round cake and cut it in half and put it on end and decorate it that way so it looks like a dinosaur. The cake only feeds 8 that's why I ordered two. I need to find someone's leftover easter eggs (the kind you fill up with stuff) cause I want to have a "dinosaur egg hunt". No...this was not my idea. I got it from a party planning book...but it's still pretty cute! I also bought this cool sticker project where you have a large sticker in the shape of a fish bowl and several smaller stickers shaped like fishes, plants, rocks, etc. and you create your aquarium! I guess I'm going a little overboard...since he's only gonna be ONE. But hey. He's the only kid I have here with me. If things were different, I'd have an almost SIX year old to spoil rotten. That is ok.

Happy Mother's Day to ME!