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...just great...

so...went out to move the car today so Sgt Graham could back his truck into my drive way. He wanted my old boxes from the move (he and his family are moving soon). Lo and behold! I have a FLAT TIRE! Upon further scrutiny...I have a screw embedded in the tire! Of all things to have happen. Anyway...I guess I'm not going to church in the morning. I'll have to put the "donut" on and go out and get the tire fixed. Oh the excitement! Thankfully I am blessed with neighbors and fellow Marines who are willing to help a person out when they run into trouble. Not that I can't fix it myself. I could. I just don't like to. And if I don't HAVE to...



Well, I finally have a little time to catch up. First of all...I do believe that Hilary is THE ONLY PERSON ON EARTH WHO READS THIS. That being said "Hi Hil...I love you".

I didn't end up having my little brother drive out from NOLA with me. Nope...instead I got Mark's sister. It worked out ok. It's just that I have forgotten what it's like to be 15 and I have little patience for anyone who acts 15...regardless of whether that is their AGE or not. I need to get over this. Donovan will be 15 before I know it! He will be a year old in May though! My BABY....has already been in my arms for almost a year. I can't believe it. And Mark and I have been married almost THREE YEARS! HOLY COW! Neither of us has shot the other either. Amazing. Right now he's going through a sort of seperation anxiety. I don't know what it is...but he is calling me ALL DAY LONG...with nothing to say except "What're you doing? Who are you with? I miss you, I love you" But, he sent me a bouquet of roses the other day. They are beautiful, but the smell awful. They don't smell like roses. I guess when they get into genetically engineering roses for looks, the smell factor goes right out the window. They smell like a foot.

So, I checked into my new unit yesterday. Well, I still have some checking in to do, but they know who I am now, etc. They had to find me a job. It's weird that the Marine Corps would send me somewhere where they didn't have a spot for me...but that's ok. The job I normally do for the Corps is in one office...but I will be working in a different office, do curriculum stuff for the Recruit Depot. From what I gather (I have yet to really sit down and look at what I am gonna be doing) I will be making up a curriculum that the recruits will learn from while in boot camp. (They have classes on things like Marine Corps history, customs and courtesies, etc.) WHAT A RESPONSIBILITY! I will have a hand in making Marines in a direct (though indirect...) way. I say that because they will be learning from my material...(direct) even though I won't be present to teach it (indirect). I think I am starting to get a little goofy here...I should go to bed. LOL!