The life of a Christian woman...who is a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, and a United States Marine.


Grey Hairs

I recently permed my hair. It looks great...I love it. It's layered and curly and it stays out of my face when I'm working and it's easy to do in the morning. It also looks professional but still cute when I'm in uniform. ANYWAY...the point of this whole thing is...I pulled like 10 grey hairs out of my head the other night. TEN! It's official. I'm starting to age! I always told myself that I would try to age gracefully. "Just let it happen". Early greying runs in my family. An Aunt of mine was completely grey by the age of 18! I'm 29. I guess that isn't so early. But...I have a young face. I have a young body. I am currently taking donations for hair color! LOL!

I saw something that struck me as odd yesterday while waiting at a light to change. You know how car dealerships put thier "mark" on cars and trucks now? "Don Bohn Chevrolet" is one around here that's pretty common. Well...what did I see on the Lincoln SUV in front of me? The dealership this vehicle had been purchased from was "Michael Jordan Lincoln, Mercury". LMAO! Even had a little basketball flying through the air above the name! Little things amuse me I guess!


Counting Down...

Well...the boy is upstairs insisting that he's not really tired. Telling me in no uncertain terms in fact that he is not he sleepily rubs his eyes. I'll give him a few more minutes to cry it out while I catch up on my life.

Happy St Patrick's Day! No. I am not wearing green. Sorry. Though I do look quite fetching in the color, I don't often wear it.

Tomorrow I detach from this command and go on leave to catch up on some of the "stuff" that needs to get done before I can leave for Parris Island. (By the way...Donovan won the "I'm not tired" war just now). I have to pick up Donovan's medical dental records (had a tooth pulled yesterday...yeah baby, I'm a sexy beeatch now, just kidding, it was one way in the back). Need to find a plane ticket...if I'm lucky to fly my little brother out here to ride with me to South Carolina. This should be fun. Um....Have to check out in my Alphas tomorrow. This should be fun since I haven't even gotten them from the alterations place yet...yawn. I hate jumping through hoops because other people don't know how to do their daggone JOBS. Oh well.

Donovan is crawling now. Woohoo! Except now the little precious is INTO EVERYTHING! He's pulling up on stuff now fun fun! Thankfully, there's a binky in his mouth most of the time, so there's no room for other stuff! He LOVES his daddy. Makes me feel a little jealous sometimes...but, then Mark tells me that he calls for me when he's with his daddy, so maybe it's just an "absence makes the heart grow fonder" kind of thing. In any case...the poor kid isn't even gonna KNOW his dad when Mark finally gets to Parris Island. I feel bad for both of them.

Anyway....I leave here on the 31st of this month. I pray that all goes well. I'm sure it will, but it is nice to know that I have the Man Upstairs looking out for me.